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BeHerbs Moringa Boost Tablet Superfood【Lulus KKM & HALAL】30 tablet Serbuk Daun Kelor Murungai /Drumstick Tree Beherbs天然




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Moringa- The multi-nutrition miracle tree
superfood comes with rich protein, vitamin A, B and C as well as minerals, scientifically proven with antibiotic, antiulcer, anti- inflammatory properties. It is also effective in reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level.
*Source from: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Discover how Moringa Plus helps lowering blood sugar level in one month or less.

Our Product 
Obtain multi-nutrition from vitamin A to zinc in just one sachet of Moringa Plus!
46 types of Antioxidants + 18 Amino Acids
10 times the Vitamin A of Carrots
15 times the Potassium of Bananas
17 times the Calcium of Cows Milk
25 times the Iron of Spinach

Why Moringa Plus?
1.Reducing blood sugar level
Various studies have proven that moringa helps improve the haemoglobin levels and overall protein content in body, thus helping to reduce the glucose level in the blood.
*Based on the consistent consumption for 30 days, individual results may vary.

2.Combined natural ingredients (Chinese herbs and fruits)
More than just single ingredient, it also contains Panax Ginseng,Tongkat Ali, Red Dates, Figs, Black Seed, Dang Gui, Goji and Pomegranate for natural flavourings and to further enhance the effect in lowering blood sugar.

3.Hassle-free packaging
Moringa Plus is tablet making it convenient for your consumption.
Take 1 tablet daily to unlock the nutrients you need for your daily life. 
Taking it after meals helps with nutrient absorption and facilitates gastrointestinal motility.

4.More benefits for a healthier you
It can be taken as a daily health supplement as its natural ingredients are beneficial for 
=Refreshing and replenishing energy
=Enhance immunity
=Reducing blood pressure & cholesterol
=Protecting heart and liver protection
=Promoting bone health
=Relieving mood disorders
=Regulate blood glucose level
=Digestive health protector 
=Helps treat hemorrhoids & constipation

If you are on blood-thinning medication or are pregnant, breastfeeding consult your health care practitioner before taking Moringa. 

辣木- 多营养奇迹树

我们的产品 一罐30小粒
一包辣木中获得从维生素 A 到 Z 的多元营养!
=46种抗氧化剂 + 18种氨基酸

为什么选择 Beherbs 辣木?
1. 降低血糖水平

2. 组合天然成分(中草药和水果)
不仅仅是单一成分还含有人参,Tongkat Ali,红枣、无花果、黑籽、当归、枸杞和石榴等天然调味品,以增强降低血糖的效果。

3. 方便包装

4. 更多好处,让您更健康
= 提神补气
= 增强精力
= 降低血压和胆固醇
= 保护心脏和肝脏
= 促进骨骼健康
= 缓解情绪障碍
= 免疫力增强
= 调节血糖水平
= 保护消化健康
= 有助于治疗痔疮和便秘


Halal No:A204180