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Our Beginnings


Planting The Seed

The founder John Wong  began a small herbal business to provide supplies for student at the California School of Herbal Studies. When he moved to Berkeley, the company was split into a retail herb shop and a mail order company.


Passing The Rose

The founder enlisted the help of his friend Juliet Mary, a teaching herbalist, wilderness guide, and avid gardener. In 2013, Juliet bought the small herbal business at her California home. She developed and formulated a line of natural products, including teas, face creams, and aroma sprays and oils.


Budding Vision

Witnessing the increasing popularity of herbs and the irresponsible harvesting of wild plants, Be herbs adopted rigorous guidelines for ethical wild harvesting. Bernard Tan was passionate about creating an ethical herbal business with friendly service and high-quality goods.


First Bloom

Still home-based, Be herbs moved to North San Juan, California. The business quickly grew, and the company soon became  known by herbalists and natural health stores as the go-to source for high-quality herbs.


A Partnership Blossoms

Juliet and John Wong became co-owners of Be herbs, and in 2001 they moved the company to rural Oregon to be closer to its farm operations, wild harvesters, and processors. This move allowed Be herbs to create a full-time laboratory and quality control department, and its staff expanded to double digits for the first time.


New Growth in Asia

The company relocated to its current (and much larger) facility, while John Wong has decide further the herbal development back to his home town, Malaysia which located at the center of Asia. He has team up Bernard Tan which back from Melbourne to establish Be Herbs Sdn Bhd.